A photo of James Check set to a light blue background

James Check RMT

Jame has developed over the past 9 year a passion for creating a relaxing and therapeutic experience for his clients.Merging his experiences working in high end spas and with professional athletes to create a unique therapeutic experience for his clients helping them heal their bodies while relaxing the mind. 

James has been trained in numerous techniques such as: Deep tissue, Swedish, Myofacila, TMJ (jaw disfunction) rotator cuff injuries, Trigger point release, Pregnancy/Prenatal Massage, Labour support/Doula, ART, PRT, Hydrotherapy, and much more..... 

James's relaxing treatment room, with soft lighting, large photo print of rope bridge on back wall, a Buddha fountain sits on the floor in the far right corner. a soft padded massage table sits in the middle of the room on an angle covered in soft white linens and a cream fluffy blanket. a rounded back sitting chair is in the far left corner.